Fancy Sync Box

Instruction Manual

Please email us at, and we will send you a copy of the Fancy Sync Box instructions provided with your order, if they have been misplaced or lost. Or watch the video instructions below!



Refunds & Exchanges

If you have made a mistake, we can try to refund your order with 1 hours of placing. As after 1 hour, your order has likely started to be processed. Please be careful when placing in your order.

We do not accept change of mind refunds. If you receive your LEDs and decided you want a different type, we cannot provide a refund. We offer full replacements for any issues and faults that may occur within the first 30 days. Please send a video of the issue to our support team. We do not offer refunds if the instructions have not been followed, i.e. connecting the LEDs into an incorrect layout, or placing LEDs high on a wall and not supporting the power adaptor.

If you deviate from the instructions, we will not refund you.

Please send us an email, and attach a video of the issue you are describing.


We do not allow change of mind exchanges.

If we assess your order and find a malfunction we will replace the item causing the issue, completely for free. If you have an issue, please send us an email, and attached a video of the issue. However, please consult the FAQ first


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