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We are a start-up based in the USA and operate out of Wyoming. Our team is multinational, with small offices based in Australia & the UK.

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This requires the Pro Fancy LEDs, they are RGB 5050. RGB 5050 allows for Red Blue and Green to be mixed from a single LED light bulb, to produce mixed colors. Using the arrows on the remote, you can change the intensity of the Red, Green, or Blue to create whatever color you desire! There are six DIY buttons on the remote, all allow you to save your custom color for whenever you want to use the exact color again. 

• First Press DIY1
• Point Remote at IR sensors (white control box)
• All DIYs start on white, press the 'Down Red Arrow' 25 times
• Press the 'Down Green Arrow' 25 times
• Press the 'Down Blue Arrow' 25 times

The Pro Fancy LEDs will now appear 'off', however, you have to press any of the red, green, or blue 'Up arrows' to increase that color! For example, pressing 15 'Up Red Arrow' and pressing 10 'Up Blue Arrow’ will create purple. If you are unsure, please follow the video tutorial! Reminder DIY only works with our Pro Fancy LEDs. Done, you can now mix, change and use DIY arrows on your remote.

Please make sure you have followed the instruction manual provided.

If the white control box or the power supply are not supported and are pulling on the Fancy LEDs, this will cause them to fall. You may require a new double-sided adhesive if your lights have fallen to the ground already as the dust/dirt will reduce its effectiveness. Make sure that when you peel the plastic film off the adhesive, the LED strips are sticky, not the film itself that you just removed. If the plastic film is sticky then you have removed it from the Fancy LEDs and you may require a new double-sided adhesive.

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The Ultimate Fancy LEDs are individually programmed, with each of the LEDs being chipped to be a different color at the same time. This allows the crazy patterns to change speed and length. All of which are controlled by the mobile app. You also have access to sound-activated modes and millions of static colors.

The Pro Fancy LEDs are DIY enabled, allowing custom colors much like the Ultimate Fancy LEDs, except it uses a physical remote. Unfortunately, these LEDs are not individually programmed, and therefore can only perform static colors. 

Absolutely not, there are many different types of LED light strips that offer a range of positives & negatives. They do look similar, which can cause confusion, however depending on the LED strips programming & microchips, they can be VERY different.

Yes! We use certified power adaptors to ensure that all our products are safe to use around your home. LEDs produce little to no heat, as they only use 5 to 12 Volts of electricity.

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