Fancy Aurora Projector
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Fancy Aurora Projector Blue and Purple Aurora
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Fancy Aurora Projector

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Bring the Aurora lights of the north and south poles to your home with our bright and beautiful projector. Customize the Aurora's colors and combine them to fill your small or large room with light, and adjust the intensity and movement of the stars through our easy to use smart app for IOS or Android. This device really is a game-changer and essential for anyone looking for a unique and other-worldly impact on their room, shop today.

Our high tech
Color Projection creates amazing auroras at home.

More Features

Custom Colors

Create your dream aurora light colors, or use the preselect combinations.

Magic Flow

Enjoy a natural aurora flow with customizable speeds.

Extra Bright

Bright enough to cover big & small rooms!

Adjustable Stars

Choose the how many stars you want in your galaxy, with your aurora.

USB Charging

Simply connect to any 5V USB charger, like the one you use for your phone!

IOS & Android App

Use our smart app to customize the the color of the aurora, its flow and the stars intensity.

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