Basic Fancy LEDs
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Basic Fancy LEDs

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Transform your room into a room full of color with Fancy LEDs room lights! These are the lower-cost version of LED lights as there is NO DIY Mode. However you still get all static colors. Please note: There is no DIY Mode included in the Basic Fancy LEDs. They use 3 LEDs, red, green and blue respectively to create colors. As a result the colors are often not as accurate, however do emit static colors red, green and blue perfectly.

Simple, but effective
2835 Microchips for your home.

More Features

Extra Bright

Our ultra bright LEDs that bring your room to life.

Safe & Easy To Cut

Cut to reduce your LED strip length to fit into any room.

Battery Included

Do not worry, we included a CR2025 battery with all remotes. No hidden extra costs.

Strong Adhesive

Special adhesive tape strikes the balance between being strong & paint protective.

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