HDMI Sync Boxes

Create the ultimate synced lighting experience, using the Fancy Sync Box. Now on Walmart & Amazon.

HDMI 2.0

Fancy Sync Box

$119.95 USD

$140.00 USD

VAT Included

HDMI 2.1

Fancy Sync Box

$169.95 USD

VAT Included

3 HDMI Ports

Fancy Sync Box

$179.95 USD

VAT Included


Synced Shapes

Light comes in all different shapes and colors, but these are the worlds first synced shapes, compatible with the Fancy Sync box

Custom LEDs

Millions of vivid colors radiating magic you can see. Shop custom-coded & DIY enabled LED light strips.

Supercharged App

Automate your schedule tasks with ease

Compatible with Wi-Fi enabled Fancy LEDs

Customize reactivity, static colors & patterns

Control with Alexa & Google Voice

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New Release

View our Fancy Sync Box HDMI 2.1 trailer. Scheduled for a July release, preorders are now open. Learn more about Sync Box differences here:

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Ultimate Control

Customisability is just the beginning, access cross compatibility.

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Easy Automation

All Wi-Fi devices have smart functions to automate & sync your schedule.

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4K Dolby Vision

Enjoy 60Hz with true colors using HDR Dolby Vision, all at 4K.

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