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Fancy Sync Box
Fancy Sync Box
Fancy Sync Box Sun LEDs Sync
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Fancy Sync Box connected to a computer and monitor. Synced Ambient monitor LED Lighting.
Fancy Sync Box connected to a computer and monitor. Synced Ambient monitor LED Lighting in an office.

Fancy Sync Box

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Create the ultimate, most immersive viewing experience with synced smart lighting. Connect your HDMI device for a fast, seamless display of responsive & colorful smart LEDs, perfectly reflecting the content you watch & play on your TV or computer monitor. Features include:

• Ultra low latency
• Optimized & accurate color-sync
• Voice compatibility & control
• Adjustable reactivity; high, medium, low
• HDCP compliant for Netflix, Disney & etc
• Music sync & static colors modes

Our latest high tech
RBIC Microchips create next level home theatre experiences.

For Everyone

Compatibility & Quality

Connect your HDMI device super quickly & simply. An easy setup for everyone, you do not need to be an IT expert! Get connected & get synced. 

For PC Gamers

Connect Your Monitor

Do not just sync your TV, sync everything. The Fancy Sync Box is fully compatible with PC & monitor setups. Perfect for gaming, watching movies, and aesthetic vibes.

Auto Resizing

Precise LED Syncing

Our RGBIC LEDs are ultra smart, they figure out your TV size based on your cut & layout the LEDs. Unlike other competitors, there are no hidden extras, the LED strips are included. 

High Tech

Optimized, No Delay

Colors codes are extracted directly from the source, and computed to the LED strips at the speed of light (really fast). Allowing for super accurate colors and no input or reactive delay.

More Features


Download the 'Fancy LEDs' IOS app today from the Apple App Store!

Android App

Download the 'Fancy LEDs' android app today from the Google Playstore!

Static Colors

Enjoy the static color mode, with over 16 million colors for any mood.

Music Sync

Sync your favorite music & watch your room come alive with reactive colors.

Safe & Easy To Cut

Easily cut your LED strip to perfectly fit any size TV or Monitor.

Strong Adhesive

Special heat resistant adhesive, ensuring your LEDs stay secure.

Fancy LEDs Mobile App

Control & Customize 

• Automate & schedule functions
• Control brightness & LED reactivity
• Customize static colors & patterns
• Enable sound reactivity mode


Works With Alexa

"Hey Alexa, turn the Fancy Sync Box brightness down to 50%"

Works With Google Assistant

"Ok Google, turn the LEDs off in the living room & bedrooms"

Works With SmartThings

Sync & control your Fancy LEDs products using voice commands.


Magic You Can See

Supercharged LEDs

 Check out the FAQ below. Or send us a message, we love & embrace questions, especially about our cutting edge tech.

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