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HDMI 2.1 Fancy Sync Box (Your TV Size): 24" to 55"

HDMI 2.1 Fancy Sync Box (Your TV Size)

HDMI 2.1 Fancy Sync Box (Power Plug): US Plug

HDMI 2.1 Fancy Sync Box (Power Plug)

Multi Sync


Kickstart your synced ecosystem. Gamer Bundle for high-end gaming, Everyone Bundle for everything, and Entertainment Bundle for multiple HDMI devices.

9 Triangles

Wi-Fi Sync

Effortlessly sync your Fancy Sync Box with nine Fancy Triangles using the app for a seamless, connected lighting experience using Wi-Fi not wires.

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Color Accuracy

Colors codes are extracted directly from your HDMI device then computed to our smart LEDs for super accurate colors.

Unboxing & Setup

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Amazon Reviews

Fancy Sync Box Reviews

Chris Menez

Fancy Indeed - A Must Buy!

Fancy’s Sync Box is an impressive piece of tech! As someone who backed Lightpack's Kickstarter campaign back in 2016, I have some experience with TV backlighting, and I can confidently say that Fancy LED is a game changer in the TV lighting industry.


So Cool

I got this for my husband's birthday. We hooked it up to our PS5 so anytime we play games the lights follow the colors which makes for an amazing gaming experience. 10/10 would be again in the future.

Michael Santos

Looks Fantastic

I got this for my living room tv and it looks great. It was fairly easy to install and the adhesive keeps it in place. The lights are nice and bright when it needs to be. The performance of them is great. I recommend these sync lights.


Great Product!!!

Really great for gaming makes it all a lot more immersive! Definitely recommend!


3 Port Upgrade Is A BEAST

I love my fancy sync box and wanted to another one. When I discovers there was a 3 port upgrade I couldn’t believe it!!!! Ended up using in my lounge and now I can connect my PS5, Apple TV and Blu-ray at the same time and it auto switches.


Best Ambient Lighting Kit Ever!

Play Video No delay, super reactive!!!! I connected my PS5 (works perfectly) and the Apple TV. To change between them, you just tap the button on the app, and straight away it switches.

Nick W

5.0 Out Of 5 stars The Best Piece Of Tech 2023!

Well, compared to Philips, this really is what good competition looks like. Say goodbye to buying your sync box, led strip, hue bridge and more for $500+ , Fancy LEDs is your answer!!! Finally, a high-quality LED syncing device...

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