About us

How It Started

Our team here at Fancy LEDs loves everything and anything to do with LEDs! In 2019 we noticed that the process of buying and setting up LEDs was a difficult and confusing process.

As a result, Fancy LEDs was born to provide a solution to a saturated market which always seemed to fall short of basic expectations. For example, missing power adaptors or LED remotes with DIY disabled. This would lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. Over the years we have become a market leader in customer satisfaction and cutting edge LED technology. When you purchase Fancy LEDs, you know you are getting everything you need to set up and start using our products, with no hidden extras required.

We operate two warehouses in the east and west coast of the USA, with special logistics and supply chains to ensure fast delivery to not just America, but Europe, Australia and almost everywhere in-between.

Our Community

Going Viral

We are an LED brand unlike any other. Our videos consistently go viral with over 100 million views and counting. Our success is solely driven by our amazing community of LED lovers. Throughout the years we have improved our ability to develop cutting edge technology to ensure the experience of buying Fancy LEDs goes above and beyond what's expected.

Fancy LEDs would not be here today without our repeat customers who have provided valuable and important feedback. So we thank you, and hope to keep filling your homes and offices with vibrant lighting, making your life as bright as can be!

Just the beginning

Global Brand

Nowadays, Fancy LEDs products can be found in over 143 unique locations, with customers from all over the world being reached via TikTok and Instagram. As our research and design team grows, we hope to bring new lighting products to our ever expanding following on TikTok and Instagram.

Once again, we thank you for allowing us to be in the position to bring our products to your homes around the world. If you have any questions:

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We offer Package Protection  — a premium package protection solution — to give our customers the best possible delivery experience.

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We accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Shop Pay (owned and operated by Shopify, Inc.). When a digital wallet payment type is used, the provider retains all billing information on their servers and they do not transmit any of this information to Fancy LEDs during the purchase process. Shipping information is transmitted to Fancy LEDs from the wallet provider, so it’s important to check within the wallet that your shipping address is current before submitting your order.

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